I figured out I should start the first post here explaining how everything started.

It was around 2009 and one day I wondered: “What do I need to get a website put up on the Internet?”. The quickest answer would probably be “just buy space from a hoster”, but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to know how a hoster was able to make a website available on the Internet.

With a Ubuntu 8.04 CD, I set out to answer my question. After some time, I had a LAMP server up and an answer to my question. From there, it all went down the hill (or maybe up the hill, depending on the perspective) and I got the bug.

After that, I asked similar questions many times, and I credit my current career to the curiosity that drove me to ask these questions.

I intend to use this space to share some of these questions as well as their answers with whoever is interested in it.