The YoloCloud is automated mostly using Puppet. The other day I realized some of my Puppet Forge modules were some versions behind and decided to update them.

After taking a look at the g10k documentation, the only thing directly related to “updating” was the -check4update argument. Well, turns out that the dryrun mode gets enabled by default when -check4update is used and it cannot be disabled.

After some more reading, I found the -force argument. It wipes the environment directory and redownloads the modules for all of the environments. But there was one detail: g10k was still using its cache and recreating the environments using the outdated modules.

The final solution? Wipe g10k’s cache and recreate all environments with -force.

rm -rf /var/cache/g10k/*
/usr/bin/g10k -config /etc/puppetlabs/g10k/g10k.yaml -force deploy environment

Done. Modules updated and life moves on :)