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Distributing PGP Keys with DANE

A simple and easy way to share your OpenPGP keys with the world

2023-09-08 · 2 min · Luiz Amaral

Booting Libvirt VMs using ISO images

At work, building Linux VMs is a fully automated process, done with a single command. FreeBSD VMs on the other hand, were never automated, as we install them very rarely. As it happens rarely, the few times I needed to install a FreeBSD VM, I would scramble around to find how to mount an ISO on the VM (maybe I should have documented it the first time I needed?). Anyway, now it’s properly documented, here....

2022-03-04 · 1 min · Luiz Amaral

Quick and dirty Debian repository setup

If there is one thing that the YoloCloud is made out of, is Yoloed things. In the very beginning, one of the needs I had was distributing a Debian package to my Debian hosts containing a couple of custom monitoring checks as well as a backported version of Strongswan together with the required libs. Aptly and Reprepro do a good job at managing repositories, but were way overkill for my simple need of distributing a few packages....

2022-01-08 · 2 min · Luiz Amaral

Forcing g10k to update Puppet Forge modules

The YoloCloud is automated mostly using Puppet. The other day I realized some of my Puppet Forge modules were some versions behind and decided to update them. After taking a look at the g10k documentation, the only thing directly related to “updating” was the -check4update argument. Well, turns out that the dryrun mode gets enabled by default when -check4update is used and it cannot be disabled. After some more reading, I found the -force argument....

2022-01-05 · 1 min · Luiz Amaral


I figured out I should start the first post here explaining how everything started. It was around 2009 and one day I wondered: “What do I need to get a website put up on the Internet?”. The quickest answer would probably be “just buy space from a hoster”, but that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to know how a hoster was able to make a website available on the Internet....

2021-12-22 · 1 min · Luiz Amaral